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    An application partnered with Entourage that allows users to display a customized summary of their daily activities.

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największym wyzwaniem dla nas był odlot podczas D- Daythe most challenging scene was taking off for D- Day
Taki sobie./ Say I' m gonna turn loose/ a thousand times a day./ But how can I turn Ioose/ when I just can' t break away?/ When I just can' t break away./ Young hearts, run free./ You' ll never be hung up./ Hung up like my man and meSo- so.Got something for you
Podsumowujàc to przes ∏ anie , Catherine Day , szefowa Dyrekcji Generalnej ds . Ârodowiska Komisji Europejskiej , stwierdzi ∏ a – Stalepowtarzamy : potrzeba nam woli politycznej , gdy ̋ to nasi przywódcy muszà zdobyç si ́ na stworzenie wspólnej wizji i wyjÊcie pozautarte normy . ❚Summing up this message , Catherine Day , Director-General of the European Commission ' s Environment DG said : “ What comes through , time and timeagain , is the need for political leadership , for our leaders to have a bit of courage todesign a common vision and then to step beyond the norm . ”
"Tartan Day” jest świętem, przy okazji którego Szkocja zwraca się do naszej diaspory w Ameryce Północnej i zachęca naszych północnoamerykańskich przyjaciół, by do nas przyjeżdżali i zwiedzali nasz kraj.Tartan Day is a day of celebration where Scotland reaches out to our diaspora in North America and encourages our North American friends to come and visit us.
Things are crashing better/ She' s all too tight/ In my neighborhood/ She cried both day and night/ She' s a lone- hearted mystic/ And she can' t carry on/ When I' m there, she' s all right/ Then she' s not when I' m gone/ Heaven knows that the answer/ She don' t call no one/ She' s the way forsaken beauty/ She' s mine for the one/ And I' ve asked her hesitating/ About temptation as it runs/ She don' t follow me/ I' m leaving/ I' m gone/ Now, I' ll cry tonight/ Like I cried the night before/ And I' ll feast on the highway/ But I' ll dream about the door/ It' s alone/ She' s forsaken/ By her fate/ Words to tell/ It don' t have approximation/ She smiles fairly wellThings are crashing better ‧‧ She' s all too tight ‧ ‧ In my neighborhood
Then one day l figured out what to do with my eternal lifeThen one day I figured out what to do with my eternal life
Nie jest przypadkiem, że Judgement Day spadł na nas, kiedy byliśmy tu wszyscy, bezpieczne w domu kultuIt is not a coincidence that Judgment Day fell upon us when we were all here, safe in His house of worship
Powiedz im!/ Life is just a bowl of cherries/ I ain' t taking no trouble/ To turn my nights into dayYou tell ' em!Life is just a bowl of cherries I ain' t taking no trouble
Trzymaj się, Serena. d take it day by day d d things are not so gray d d feel the wind free my mind d d I let my heart unwind d d I' ll just be myself d d I' ll just sing my song d d I' ll just sing my song d d I' ll just sing my song d d da- da- da- da- da- da d d da- da- da- da- da- da dTake care, serena. d take it day by day d d things are not so gray d d feel the wind free my mind d d I let my heart unwind d d I' il just be myself d d I' il just sing my song d d I' il just sing my song d d I' il just sing my song d d da- da- da- da- da- da d d da- da- da- da- da- da d
Pan O' Day jest surowyMr. O' Day don' t Iet things slide Iightly
He loves her...// But she loves this guy right here...// And he loves somebody else.// You just can' t win.// And so it goes...// Until the day you die.// This thing they call love...// Is gonna make you cry.// I hate youHe loves her...But she loves this guy right here... And he loves somebody else
I went across the Switzerland where all the yodlers beI tried to run the mountains and they... I climb up in the mountains when a clear sunny dayI went across the Switzerland/ where all the yodlers be/ I tried to run the mountains and they.../ I climb up in the mountains/ when a clear sunny day./ I met a little Swiss girl/ in a Swiss chalet/ She taught me how to yodel
Lucky Day pada!What happened?
Pod wodospadem jest jaskinia, a w jaskini Daniel Day- Lewis, Elisabeth Shue i mnóstwo Mohikanów i Daniel Day- Lewis mówi, " Zostań przy życiu a znajdę cięUnderneath the waterfall is a cave and in the cave is Daniel Day- Lewis, Elisabeth Shue and a load of Mohicans and Daniel Day- Lewis is saying, " Just stay alive and I will find you
– Lubisz klasykę, starocie, co? – powiedział Davis i włączył A Hard Day’s Night.He said, < You like something really old-fashioned and classical, don’t you? > and put on A Hard Day’s Night.
W spotkaniu , obok Catherine DAY , wzięła również udział Margot WALLSTRÖM , wiceprzewodnicząca Komisji Europejskiej ds. stosunków międzyinstytucjonalnych i komunikacji .Ms Margot WALLSTRÖM , Vice-President responsible for Institutional Relations and Communication , and Ms DAY participated in the meeting .
Data tools są tylko dostępne wtedy, kiedy tekst jest zaznaczony, albo gdy prawy przycisk myszy jest na danym słowie. Jezeli data tools nie są dostępne, gdy tekst jest zaznaczony, to oznacza, że musisz je zainstalować (data tools). Niektóre data tools są częścią pakietu KOffice This is a localized string for default time & date printing on kate document. % d means day in ‧ format. % m means month in ‧ format. % Y means year in ‧ format. % H means hours in ‧ format. % M means minutes in ‧ format. Please, if in your language time or date is written in a different order, change it hereData tools are only available when text is selected, or when the right mouse button is clicked over a word. If no data tools are offered even when text is selected, you need to install them. Some data tools are part of the KOffice package
Gratulacje, Jasonie O' Day!Congratulations, Jason O' Day!
Catherine DAY powiedziaúa , Ee nie ma konieczno ( ci , aby wszystkie skargi obywateli byúy skúadane na szczeblu UE — rzecznicy mogÊ peúniÍ kluczowÊ rolÝ w rozs trzyganiu skarg zwiÊzanych z naruszeniami prawa UE dotyczÊcego ochrony ( rodowiska przez paûstwa czúonkowskie .Ms DAY was of the opinion that it should not be necessary for citizens to bring all their complaints to the EU level ombudsmen — could play a key role in resolving complaints relating to Member States infringements ’ of EU environmental law .
Darling, take it slow Or some day you' ll be all aloneDarling, take it slow Or some day you' il be all alone
Simon DAY (UK/PPE), członek Rady Hrabstwa DevonSir Simon DAY (UK/EPP), Member of Devon County Council
Roberta Angelilli, Cristiana Muscardini i Anna Záborská w sprawie sprzeciwu wobec obchodów International Boy Love Day, czyli dnia dumy pedofilskiejRoberta Angelilli, Cristiana Muscardini and Anna Záborská on opposing the holding of the International Boy Love Day, or paedophile pride day
I wait foryou ‧‧ Night and day ‧ ‧ Baby, I don ' t even wanna feel this wayI wait for you/ Night and day/ Baby, I don' t even wanna/ feel this way/ Just me and you/ Night and day/ Tell me how did everything/ end this way/ I don' t do it like this
Έγινε στο Πόρτο, στις δύο Μαΐου χίλια εννιακόσια ενενήντα δύο.Done at Oporto on the second day of May in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two̧ãéíå óôï Ðüñôï, óôéò äýï ÌáÀïõ ÷ßëéá åííéáêüóéá åíåíÞíôá äýï. Done at Oporto on the second day of May in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two
Zgodnie z dostępnymi informacjami mechanizm bilansujący, w szczególności ustalanie cen na zasadach rynkowych oraz dobrze rozwinięty rynek intra-day, funkcjonuje w sposób niestwarzający przeszkód dla tego, aby wytwarzanie energii elektrycznej bezpośrednio podlegało konkurencjiAccording to the available information, the workings of the balancing mechanism- in particular the markets based pricing and the well-developed intra-day market- are such that it does not constitute an obstacle to electricity production being subject to direct exposure to competition
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